Japan is home to the world’s most enduring companies.

There are 26,000 companies in Japan that have lasted over 100 years, and even some over 1,000 years. We believe these companies have endured because they exist not only for themselves or for profit, but because they continue serving and growing for their customers, employees, and the wider community.

We adopt this mentality to our branding process, creating brands that are immutable, one-of-a-kind, and long-lasting.

Our point of departure is the inherent values held by the people of a company or organization, rather than ever-changing market trends. As a result, we create unique, lasting brand identities that can inform daily and long-term decisions for growth over time, and represents the company’s true purpose.

How do we create a timeless brand?

The modern age is dynamic, so businesses often focus on short-term goals and tasks, or the “leaves” and “flowers” of a tree. However, if the “roots,” “trunk,” and “branches” are not strong, the entire tree withers. We believe a brand’s story has to encompass both the immutable and the ever changing.

Why a unique story is essential.

“Why a brand exists” is often left unspoken, with members of the company heralding slightly different interpretations. It is essential to create a shared set of values that is well communicated and understood.

If the goal is to reach the peak of a mountain, which mountain are you climbing? Without a common goal, it is impossible to communicate between employees, let alone with customers and corporate partners.

The corporate identity is
composed of 3 elements.

With the continued increase in shared information, companies cannot hide behind a façade. Every facet of a company is examined by consumers, so it is essential to define each one of them with a purpose.


= Corporate principles and slogans


= Action by employees


= Brand communication and messaging
(logo, fonts, design, photography etc.)

A brand’s story encompasses the following.

Philosophy Embodiment Visualization Corporate Identity

We highlight the brand’s true character,
rather than focus on market needs.

We begin our branding process by examining the brand’s DNA.
We discover how the brand answers to market needs and trends in their own unique way.

Characteristics and
important values

How the company made key decisions throughout its history

Desires of the
market and society

How the brand can answer the needs of the times.